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The mandate of VIF Tele to operate IGA Radio has been renewed for 5 years!

Sobeys Québec has renewed for five years the mandate entrusted to VIF Télé since 2012 to operate daily the internal network IGA-Radio.

Distributed in more than 300 stores of the IGA, Tradition, Rachelle Berry and IGA Express banners, this network allows each merchant to choose the music style that suits him best.

This personalized radio also allows local customers to hear local and national messages.

VIF Télé is also the supplier of Digital Signage for Sobeys all accross Canada.

VIF Télé Expanded its Playing Field

2016 was a year of territorial expansion for VIF Télé. Our team added Digital Signage screens, Menu Screens or installed audio services at our clients in 55 cities across Canada, including thirty outside of Quebec.

The map shows the cities where our clients have entrusted us with projects, all of which were carried out within the planned deadlines, even if that feat sometimes required a lot of prowess!

Not only did we carry out equipment installations 4,200 km from our office, but we also provided technical support at all these locations, and managed the content remotely.

Congratulations and thanks to all our employees and collaborators for this achievement. And since early 2017, we are… on the road again!

VIF Télé at the Digital Signage Summit

Last week, VIF Télé was at the Digital Signage Summit in Munich! Several topics on the agenda: “smart cities”, the different digital strategies in retailing around the world, as well as the resulting redefined customer experience across Europe as well as North America, etc.

After the two days of conferences, it was clear that the companies that offer complete solutions will be the ones that stand out. VIF Télé is one of them! VIF Télé has the right vision for the in-store digital industry and in the customization of content.

Our affordable, customized turnkey solutions meet the needs of all digital strategies to be implemented! We are ready to accompany you through the process to make your digital projects a reality!

By Invitation Only!

There are events to which you are invited and you accept more eagerly than others…

eCom Mtl 2016 is one of them.

In fact, VIF Télé was invited as an exhibitor — by a client!

IGA/Sobeys invited us to present in their booth the digital solution that we set up for them in more than 250 supermarkets to help consumers on their in-store journey.

At this conference for electronic and digital commerce, we were asked to present our Intenso technology, which enables the  customization of content on IGA-TV Digital Signage screens.

Each of the 1,100 IGA-TV screens has its own programming. For the Prepared Meals section, the cook at each grocery store can modify their Menu of the Day screen by accessing our secure web interface. Very easy and very effective. No acrobatic requirement to climb on a stool to modify a menu item or price with a pencil or a sticker. Changing the on-screen menu is as simple as sending an email!

The VIF Télé team is proud to have been invited by one of its clients to participate in eCom Mtl with other innovative companies!

VIF Télé is 10 years old!

I was sitting in a clinic waiting room, and I found it boring! No TV, no music, and no magazines even — to avoid the spread of germs! This is where I came up with the idea of a closed-circuit TV network with tailor-made content.

This thought led me to several specialized conferences in the United States, and the development of contacts with people who had already designed and installed major networks, such as Walmart-TV USA. An accelerated apprenticeship.

Since content in digital signage was fast, concise, vivid and brief, it was VIF content — French for vital and fresh!

I should also note that the word VIF also includes the initials of my two children: Victoria and Felix-Antoine.