Content Management Software

Secure web access software. Easy to use.

Our software, INTENSO, makes it possible to easily manage the programming of your content on each of your screens, according to your own criteria of time, geographical region or relevance.

With your secure web access, you can manage your network of screens from anywhere without having to download software on your PC or smartphone.
Automatically updating content via RSS or XML feeds using template animations allows you to display information relevant to you, such as weather.

100% owned by VIF Communication Inc., our technical team can adapt our software to offer certain software adaptations for your specific needs (e.g., to tie up an existing database to the content management software.)
Other software features

INTENSO allows different operations to optimize the display on screens for our customers’ users. INTENSO allows you to create access permissions by hierarchy (local or national access), to program contents per the chosen sequence, the selected screens, the set time or the predetermined period.

The platform also allows the visualization of the programmed content before wavelength, the verification of the state of the network and of the screens, the obtaining of the diffusion reports, the modification or the withdrawal of the programming of precise content and finally the management of history and reports.

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